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Bump test yourself. Before you wreck yourself

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Safety detection equipment is only as good as its calibration. That’s why when it comes to Gas monitors bump testing is recommended to keep your workers equipment accurate. A bump test involves exposing a sensor to a gas concentration above its set threshold for threat detection. If the monitor is working correctly it should register that a harmful concentration of gas is present and alert the user. This process isn’t arduous and time intensive in fact it can be done in a few minutes. Yet with all the clear benefits and speed of execution bump testing isn’t always practiced. An uncalibrated gas monitor is alike to a smoke alarm that doesn’t recognize smoke. Unfortunately, sensors degrade overtime and with certain gases an uncalibrated monitor can lead to dire consequences rather quickly.

OSHA recommends bump testing before daily use or in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Different monitor manufacturers have different opinions on policies. For example, some suggest daily testing while others believe once a month is fine. Careful risk assessment and consulting the manufacturer should lead to an effective standard operating procedure for bump test frequency.

To carry out a bump test you will need the compressed gas to test against your monitors. That’s where Gasco and its refillable Ecosmart cylinders shine bright. They come in several different sizes and pressure plus when you run out you don’t need to buy a new cylinder. Gasco’s Ecosmart line is available on our website at http://www.caloly-safety.com/search.php?search_query=gasco&x=0&y=0

At Calolympic Safety we don’t think corners should be cut when it comes to safety but we also don’t believe it should hurt our ecosystem and your wallet very much. That’s why Gasco’s Ecosmart line is such a great product. 

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