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  • 12" SnapLight Lightstick

    9-2705101 Snaplight Lightstick – 12-inch The Cyalume SnapLight is a green industrial grade chemical light stick measuring 12 inches long, for providing instant 360-degree illumination, that can...

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  • 8" SnapLight Lightstick

    9-27035 Snaplight Lightstick – 8-inch The Cyalume ultra high intensity flare alternative SnapLight is an orange industrial grade phthalate-free chemical light stick measuring 8 inches long, for...

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  • Red Lightshape Marker

    Red Lightshape Marker

    9-42720 Lightshape Red Marker The Cyalume LightShape is a red circular light marker measuring 3 inches in diameter, for providing instant illumination, that can be seen up to a mile away for up to 4...

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