Safety tip 2: Forklifts

11th Nov 2021

A forklift is one of the most used equipment on worksites. although they are very useful they do require special training and safety precautions.

here are some tips to help you prevent some accidents on the job

do not jackknife a loaded forklift

when driving straight down a ramp, observe the following tips:

if you are traveling downhill, stop at the bottom to check traffic. If there are no lights or other vehicles in sight, observe any pedestrians in the area before proceeding. Slowly move forward when it is safe to do so. Also, be prepared to move back if needed before starting uphill.

when traveling up a ramp, observe the following tips:

if your driver's side tires get stuck on the ramp, get ready to jack knife the lift. To avoid an accident, check carefully before proceeding with your machine. Stop at the bottom of the ramp and switch drivers so one person can stay on both wheels while the other operates it. Only start inching up when it is safe to proceed. Also, be prepared to move back if needed before starting downhill.

when a load is raised or lowered, the forks should be placed as far forward as possible so no other vehicles can get underneath. Also, use caution when transporting pallets with large overhangs. These pallets have a tendency to "wobble" and can cause them to fall if not secured correctly. A good way to secure these pallets is to place boards underneath the forks of the forklift since they are usually very stable. Do not place boards over the forks because this may cause them to tip backward.

Safety is one of the most important factors to keep in mind when operating a forklift. It does not matter how strong you think you are, if you fall and get hurt.

another forklift safety tip is if you are lifting a load, make sure the forks are in the highest position possible, so you do not hit anything or anything hits you.

or, if your forklift is raised high up, check behind you before stepping off the lift. also make sure that there are no other vehicles on the same level as you. if there is only one vehicle on the same level as you, then there is no need to worry about hitting any vehicles or objects because they will be lower than your vehicle.

if you are backing up, make sure that you start slowly, and stop quickly. always watch the area behind you before you start backing up or you can hit something or possibly hit someone.

If there is no one behind you to check carefully before starting out, then be extra careful when working under the forklift. also, look at both sides of the forklift before putting it down to see if someone is about to step on it with their foot.