• Drum Lifter-1000 lb. Capacity

    Drum Lifter-1000 lb. Capacity

    8801 Drum Lifter-1000 lb. Capacity Drum Lifter is a tong-style lifter which grips the drum chime, allowing a 55-gallon (200L) steel drum to be lifted and moved with a forklift truck. Features Material Specifications: Steel Drum Cradle Frame Dimensions:...

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  • 30-gal Overpack Drum

    30-gal Overpack Drum

    1601 30-gallon Overpack Drum The Eagle 30-gallon lab pack/open head drum is constructed of yellow blow-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors, is durable and lightweight, weather and chemical-resistant, and has a white lid with...

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  • Drum-Tray Dolly

    Drum-Tray Dolly

    1618 Drum-Tray Dolly Eagle drum-tray dolly includes four 3-inch casters. Black. Features Color: Black Load Capacity: 10 gallons Dimensions: 31 inches wide by 7 inches high Diameter: 31 inches Black dolly includes four 3-inch casters Quantity Sold...

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  • Drum-Bogie Mobile Dispensing Unit

    Drum-Bogie Mobile Dispensing Unit

    1613 Drum-Bogie Mobile Dispensing Unit The Eagle drum bogie is constructed of high density polyethylene (HDPE) and has a load capacity of 1,250 pounds. This mobile dispensing unit protects against incidental spills and leaks for 30-, 55- and 95-gallon...

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  • Drum Lifter

    Drum Lifter

    1954 Drum Lifter With a 1,000-pound load capacity, Eagle's drum lifter makes drum handling much simpler. Features Vertical drum lifter Load capacity: 1,000 pounds Weight: 12 pounds Quantity Sold Individually WARNING This product contains a...

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