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  • Hard Hat Neck Shade

    971- Hard Hat Neck Shade Hard Hat Neck Shade Features 100% Cotton shade at back of neck facilitates perspiration evaporation Soft Terry Cloth sweatband at forehead Can be worn alone or under hat One...

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  • Hard-Hat Shade

    898- Hard-Hat Shade Hard Hat Shade Features Fits most regular hard hats (not full brim) Shade at back of neck facilitates perspiration evaporation Cotton Options Color: Orange Royal Blue White ...

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  • Hot Rods Toe Warmers

    1106-10TW Hot Rods Toe Warmers Hot Rods Toe Warmers Features Warms up within 2 minutes Lasts up to 5 hours Great for shoes, sneakers and boots Adhesive "Stays put on your foot" Pack of 5 pairs ...

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  • Miracool Bandana

    MIRA COOL HEAT STRESS - BANDANA MiraCool® products are ideal for factory, construction and laundry room workers, welders, painters, chefs or anyone working for playing in a warm environment -...

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  • Miracool Collar Bandana

    MIRACOOL COLLAR BANDANA 100% cotton with super absorbent polymer with hook & loop. Color: Navy Blue. Soak MiraCool® in cold water for 10-20 minutes. Stays hydrated for several days. Reusable...

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  • Miracool Hard Hat Pad

    968 Miracool Hard Hat Pad Miracool® Hard Hat Pad Features Fastens easily with Hook & loop Air movement around suspension assists in the cooling effect Quantity Sold Individually ...

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  • Miracool Super Bandana

    947 Miracool Super Bandana Features Four cooling compartments containing 30% more super absorbent cooling crystals than the 940 Heavy duty cotton canvas and 3 button hole closure Quantity Sold...

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  • Poly/Cotton Baseball Cap

    Poly/Cotton Baseball Cap

    V410- Poly/Cotton Baseball Cap Baseball Cap Bump Cap Features Polyethylene insert inside 100% polyester twill ball cap protects against bumps and scrapes. Polyurethane bump cap insert included...

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  • Poncho

    902- Poncho The Miracool Pullover Cooling Vest (902) is a super-absorbent, poncho style workplace safety gear and personal safety gear addition. Features 100% Cotton with super-absorbent cooling...

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  • Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatband

    SH-MS Snap-On Hard Hat Sweatband SNAP-ON HARD HAT SWEATBAND Features Plush, not scratchy. Absorbent without having to wash first. More economical than many other sweatbands. Machine washable. 100%...

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