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  • Adjustable-Width Trolley

    Adjustable-Width Trolley

    2103143 Adjustable-Width Trolley I-Beam trolley anchorage connector. For use with self-retracting lifelines. Fits beam flanges 3-inches to 8-inches in width up to 11/16-inch thick. Features Trolley...

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  • Aluminum Tripod

    Aluminum Tripod

    8000000 Aluminum Tripod 7-foot aluminum tripod. With adjustable locking legs, safety chains, rubber safety shoes containing spiked edges, top pulley assembly and mounting bracket base. Features ...

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  • ARC-Flash 1-Leg Lanyard

    ARC-Flash 1-Leg Lanyard

    1244610 ARC-Flash 1-Leg Lanyard 6-foot ShockWave2 Nomex/Kevlar arc flash tubular web stretch shock-absorbing lanyard with Nomex/Kevlar tubular webbing and self-locking snap hooks at ends. Features ...

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  • ARC-Flash Kevlar Harness

    ARC-Flash Kevlar Harness

    1110830 ARC-Flash Kevlar Harness Delta II Arc flash flame-resistant vest-style harness. With PVC-coated back D-ring, Nomex/Kevlar webbing, PVC-coated hardware and pass-thru buckles. Universal...

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  • Boatswain's Chair

    1001190 Boatswain's Chair Boatswain's Chair with cushion and side snaps. Features 12 x 24 x 1 inch seat board with cushion for added support and comfort 1.75 inch wide latex-treated polyester...

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  • Delta II Cross-Over Harness

    Delta II Cross-Over Harness

    1103270 Delta II Cross-Over Harness Delta no-tangle crossover-style harness with stand-up rear D-ring, front and side D-rings and pass-thru buckle leg straps. Universal. Features Exclusive no-tangle...

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  • Delta II Reflective Harness

    Delta II Reflective Harness

    1106201 Delta II Reflective Harness Delta No-Tangle reflective vest-style harness with stand-up rear D-ring and tongue buckle leg straps (universal). Features Exclusive no-tangle design...

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