IMPACTO kneeling mat MAT5050 Made with heavy resilient closed-cell foam and has built-in convenient handle. Designed for severe kneeling conditions such as steel, concrete, gravel, grating, wet surfaces, dirt and mud Used in many settings like...

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  • Rigid Belt

    Rigid Belt

    OK-SS-5- Rigid Belt RIGID BELT Features Patented design Internal lumbar support pad and double closure system. Courdova/Supplex exterior fabric. Solid inner core. 5" wide Options Size: Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large 3X-Large Quantity Sold...

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  • FlexKnee Pad

    FlexKnee Pad

    7103 FlexKnee Pad Grueling deep knee work requires tough protection. Designed with lightweight pads capped by large abrasion-resistant rubber caps for long-lasting wear. The wrap around rubber cap design allows maximum flexibility while maintaining a...

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  • Quickmax Knee Pad

    Quickmax Knee Pad

    7102Q QuickMax Knee Pad For fast and easy attachment, our MaxKnee is available with this unique quick-release buckle that eliminates the need for readjusting the straps. The elastic straps offer comfort and flexibility while maintaining stability. The...

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  • Non-Marking FlexKnee

    Non-Marking FlexKnee

    7103-01 Non-Marking FlexKnee A non-marking polyurethane cap is used on our FlexKnee to allow workers to move around the work area without marking or damaging a delicate surface, such as tiling. Hook and loop straps allow for a custom fit and make...

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  • Welding Knee Pad

    Welding Knee Pad

    6991-01Q Welding Knee Pad Tough heat-resistant leather that wraps over the top and down the back of the pad offering maximum protection from flying sparks. Soft cushioning ensures comfort. Elastic straps maintain a secure fit with the convenient quick...

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  • Gel Knee Pad, 2/ea

    Gel Knee Pad, 2/ea

    6986-GEL Gel Knee Pad – 2/Ea Made of Neoprene with a soft, unique, abrasion-resistant, flexible poly cap with rivets for added durability and Silica gel pad insert for maximum comfort. A 2-inch wide strap features a hook and loop closure for a...

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  • Rubber Kneecap Rubber Kneecap

    Rubber Kneecap

    18325 Rubber Kneecap Non-Marring Rubber Cap: Won’t damage or mark delicate work surfaces Features Non-marring long cap 84DD nylon fabric cover 12mm NBR foam padding cut to hug the knee Anti-ordor treatment Buckle closure Nickel-plated grommets ...

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  • Left-Handed Wrist-Support Left-Handed Wrist-Support

    Left-Handed Wrist-Support

    70242 Left-Handed Wrist-Support Lightweight Wrist Support w/Open Center Stay™: Supplemental support to help relieve stress associated with repetitive strain and overuse injuries. Features Lightweight, vented, compact design ideal for office,...

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