How to prevent Arc Flashes

How to prevent Arc Flashes

Posted by Calolympic Safety on 6th Jul 2021

Arc flashes are a type of electrical explosions that happen when an electrical current becomes uncontrollable and passes through an air gap between conductors. This causes a release of energy that then ionizes the surrounding air, creating a bright flash of light, extreme burning heat and a loud sound.

Although most arc flashes are created by human mistake, there are actions that can be done to prevent an Arc flash from occurring. One of the most common ways is too de-energize the circuits and equipment that will be used and worked on. This will ensure that the energy going through the circuit is reduced causing very minimal chance an arc flash occurs. This must be done by a trained individual known as an EQP. Some more ways of preventing an Arc flash from happening include creating barricades, guarding down the area, and creating a safe distance away from the working area if you are not trained.

However even though precautionary measures are being taken so that an arc flash does not occur. Mistakes happen; it can be anything from equipment failure to incorrect use of tools, and loose connections. If not prepared correctly this can lead to severe injuries; this includes external and internal burns, hearing loss, and intoxication from the gasses. There are several ways to be prepared in case an Arc flash happens, OSHA recommends having the right PPE for the job. For example, flame resistant clothing like the Summit Breeze® Flame Resistant (FR) Coverall from MCR. This coverall has a triple vented technology that will protect the employee and decrease the chanced of heat stress. Perfect for summer Heat!.


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