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Simple tricks to prevent your work glasses/goggles from fogging.

Simple tricks to prevent your work glasses/goggles from fogging.

Posted by Jesse Perez on 14th Jul 2016


Eye protection doesn’t work unless you have it on. Flying debris, harmful light, and chemical splashes are all common causes for eye injuries. In North America there are roughly 1000 eye injuries reported each day.

What’s worse than getting an eye injury is knowing that you could’ve prevented it by wearing eye protection.

Most people know better than to not wear eye protection when doing a task that requires it. The problem most people encounter is when safety glasses or goggles begin to fog up. Once your goggles begin to fog up your initial instinct is to remove them and clean them, or just take them off all together. As said before, eye protection doesn’t work unless it’s being worn.

In the heat or in the cold, fogged eye protection sucks.

If you want to keep your goggles from fogging here are 2 nifty tricks to prevent them from fogging for a while:

1) Use a bar of soap:

Wipe a bar of soap over the lens and let it sit, buff, then you should notice that your glasses will take longer to fog.

2) Shaving cream:

Same concept as using a bar of soap - wipe a bit of shaving cream over your lenses, allow it to sit, then buff. You should notice your lenses take longer to fog.

Want an easier method instead of keeping a bunch of shaving cream and soap around your work place? Get some anti-fog wipes. These do the exact same thing as the remedies above, but last  longer and are less messy. Easily accessible and packaged for your workplace convenience. If whatever you need to see through fogs up, these prevent that from happening.


If you want to avoid this fogging situation all together, invest in some anti-fogging safety glasses and goggles. This is more than likely the best way to go. While the soap and shaving cream are simple ideas, anti-fogging glasses are manufactured to prevent fogging all together.


A big plus for these anti-fogging glasses/goggles is that some of them can cost you less than a bottle of shaving cream.

At Calolympic Safety we have anti-fog wipes and a HUGE inventory of anti-fogging goggles and glasses. Check out the different styles and see which ones you like and fit your budget.