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  • Arborchaps - Universal

    JE-8000 Arborchaps - Universal The Elvex® ArborChaps™ is made for the light user with the same high safety standards as our Pro-Chaps professional line but more economical. The...

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  • Dielectric Valuemuff

    Dielectric Valuemuff

    HB-25 Dielectric Valuemuff The ValueMuff™ is our lightweight ear muff with an unbreakable multi-position headband and 28 NRR. It delivers the proper hearing protection and consistent...

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  • Elvex ProChaps 94 Series

    JE-94- Elvex ProChaps 94 Series Elvex ProChaps, Class A are designed for the professional using a chainsaw with an engine displacement larger than 60cc. Light-weight Prolar protective pads add...

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  • Faceguard Headgear

    Faceguard Headgear

    HG-70 Faceguard Headgear The Elvex® Ultimate™ Headgear HG-70 is our high performance headgear in dielectric construction accommodating face shields, visors and mesh screens. It features a...

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  • Prochaps Apron-Style Nylon

    Prochaps Apron-Style Nylon

    JE-91- Prochaps Apron-Style Nylon Elvex® 94 Series ProChaps™ are designed for the professional chain saw user. In addition to meeting the requirements of the ASTM Standard the 94 Series...

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  • Proguard Cap

    Proguard Cap

    CU-25R Proguard Cap Elvex® Pro-Guard Integrated Logger System consists of the vented Tectra™ safety cap which was voted as the 2010 Product of the Year Award by OH&S Magazine! Plus, cap...

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  • Proguard Safety Cap

    Proguard Safety Cap

    CU-30L Proguard Safety Cap Elvex® Pro-Guard Integrated Logger System CU-30L consists of the Tectra™ safety cap which was voted as the 2010 Product of the Year Award by OH&S Magazine!...

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  • RX-200 Safety Glasses

    RX-200- RX-200 Safety Glasses Elvex RX-200, is our second generation of bifocal safety glasses, and we have combined the requirement for bifocal lenses with ANSI protection, plus comfort. RX-200 uses...

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  • Supersonic 29 Dielectric Earmuff

    Supersonic 29 Dielectric Earmuff

    HB-5000 Supersonic 29 Dielectric Earmuff SuperSonic™ HB-5000 high quality ear muff that delivers superior hearing protection at 29 NRR! Provides a great fit because of the low pressure...

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  • Valuemuff Support Strap

    Valuemuff Support Strap

    SS-25 Valuemuff Support Strap Support strap for ValueMuff and MaxiMuff Quantity Sold Individually WARNING This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause cancer This...

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