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The Heart of the matter

The Heart of the matter

Posted by Calolympic Safety on 16th Feb 2017

Heart Month

Thanks to Valentine’s day the month of February has always been associated with the love. This is appropriate seeing as February is American heart month. When it comes to health and safety there is no better place to start the discussion than with the heart.

Did you know that roughly one in four deaths are caused by heart disease? That is over 600,000 deaths in United States each year! Fortunately, the risk of heart disease can frequently be mitigated with simple day to day lifestyle choices.

Unfortunately, sometimes disaster strikes without warning. Sudden cardiac arrest (heart attacks) can occur with little to no prior warning. However, terrifying as this prospect seems there are measures that can be taken to help heart attack victims.

One such method is the defibrillator which has been made famous by many a hospital drama. THREE TWO ONE CLEAR! The defibrillator delivers a very specific electric shock that allows the heart to reestablish its normal rhythm. Shocking as this may be (pun intended) you don’t have to be a hospital to own a defibrillator. There are many different options when it comes to defibrillators check out our selection.