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The importance of gas cylinders

The importance of gas cylinders

Posted by Calolympic safety on 3rd Mar 2017

Harmful gases aren’t something that only soldiers have to deal with. In reality it is something that job sites all across the globe can encounter. What If your job requires this kind of work condition? Then your very life might depend on having the properly calibrated gas detection equipment.

One tragic real life example of gas safety occurred earlier this year in Key Largo Florida where 3 utility workers succumbed to poisonous fumes after descending down a manhole. These deaths happened quickly and each utility worker likely only had seconds to react before being rendered unconscious. As tragic as this situation is it does afford a teachable moment.

Toxic gas monitors are available for use in the field. These monitors pick up traces of potentially dangerous gasses and alert the user to their presence. However, these monitors are only as good as their calibration and that’s where Gasco comes in. Gasco offers a variety of refillable cylinders which can be used to store specific gasses and calibrate monitors. Making sure that your gas monitors are functioning effectively and properly. If your work environment involves working around potentially dangerous gasses a product like this is vital to the overall effectiveness of your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). At the end of the day worker safety is the number one priority and not all hazards can be detected by human senses.