The Wide range of safety Apparal

The Wide range of safety Apparal

Posted by Calolympic Safety on 13th Jan 2017

PPE or Personal Protective equipment has had many regulation changes throughout the years. From the type, amount, or size of certain materials, PPE has always been evolving to keep us that much safer. One thing that has also changed is the different styles PPE comes in now. PPE is made to Protect the end user in any condition or environment they find themselves in.

Workplace dangers

Here is why there is so much PPE available nowadays. The amount of accidents that can (and have) happen in the workplace can happen to any part of the body. So manufactures have designed products to cover all parts of the body. Look at our website and see how much is currently available.

Face, Eyes, Ears, Head, Arms, legs, feet, and hands. Whatever it is that you want protected, nowadays has apparel or equipment that is meant to do just that. Hard hats, face shields, goggles, sleeve protectors, elbow pads, boots, etc.

Hot or cold there is PPE made to make extreme weather conditions more bearable. If it’s too dark there are now jackets, vests, and gloves that offer reflective material to be easily seen at night.

Calolympic Safety has the PPE you need for the line of work that you are in. We offer all the PPE listed above at great prices. A one stop shop for all of a person’s/ Companies Safety needs.