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Unexpected work DANGERS

Unexpected work DANGERS

Posted by Calolympic safety on 22nd Feb 2017

Proper planning and training is key when it comes to reducing the chaos of work place catastrophes. Seeing that February is American heart month the catastrophes we will discuss today will be heart attacks and cardiac arrest. Contrary to popular belief a heart attack usually doesn’t happen suddenly. In most cases there are precursors leading up to the event. This means that properly trained employees can recognize these symptoms and mitigate against potential disaster.

Put yourself in this scenario. You are on the jobsite and your supervisor is complaining of an odd chest pain. He describes it as mild and you both write it off as nothing. A few minutes later your supervisor is on the ground and in intense pain with a shortness of breath. What do you do? An even better question would be what could you have done if you just had the knowledge to see the signs before it happened?

Always your first course of action should be to dial 911 and get an emergency responder in route ASAP because minutes count when it comes to the heart.

From there on out it’s a matter of training. At we offer training courses designed to educate and prepare your employees for exactly what to do.

We also offer an easy to use emergency manual that covers everything from heart attacks to broken bones. It is an essential piece to add to any job sites safety material. You can find this manual at