​Don’t Sweat It

​Don’t Sweat It

15th Jul 2021

Summer is here! What you need to know!

This year Summer has already started off with temperatures higher than normal , causing heat waves with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. These conditions make working outside tremendously dangerous, a temperature like this can cause heat stroke and heat exhaustion.

The CDC and OSHA have recommended to have PPE that will keep you cool during the summer to avoid having complications. For example, a cooling towel like the DURAWEAR PVA COOLING TOWEL (1930B), is a lightweight super-absorbent material, that feels significantly cooler when wrapped around your neck. It is available in 3 colors blue, pink and green.

Another recommendation the CDC and OSHA have is to keep yourself hydrated. If you are working outside in the heat, you should always have something ready to drink. It is recommended to have a drink filled with electrolytes such as Sqwincher that keeps you hydrated and filled with energy.

For more information on how to keep safe during the summer, visit us at Caloly-safety.com. Here at Calolyimpic your safety comes first.