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Disaster Preparation

  • AM/FM Radio w/Battery & Light

    C-44ST AM/FM Radio w/Battery & Light This AM/FM Radio comes with 2 ''AAA'' batteries. It also has a headset and carry strap. weight 5 oz Quantity Sold Individually WARNING This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to...

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  • Clear Quakehold

    22111 Clear Quakehold Removable, reusable and non-toxic Quakehold Clear Gel secures antiques, collectibles and more from falling and breaking. Pull off amount needed, roll it in your fingers until soft, apply to base of object. Lightly press object to...

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    Comfort 1 Blanket

    5203 Comfort 1 Blanket Graham Medical's Comfort1® Blankets provides ample coverage, comfort and warmth for patients. Options Material: Polyester Blanket (10/Cs) Non-Woven Blanket (50/Cs) Quantity Sold per case WARNING This product contains a...

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  • Crystalline Clear Museum Wax

    44111 Crystalline Clear Museum Wax Museum Wax is the same formulation used by museum conservators. Removable, reusable and non-toxic. Great for securing antiques and collectibles from falling and breaking. Scoop out a small amount with the pick provided...

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  • Daily Restroom Kit

    BR901 Daily Restroom Kit The Disposa-John Portable Restroom Kits contain everything needed to safely dispose of solid human waste. Our patented "bag-in-bag" design and final zipper closure securely contains the waste and the odor, while our special blend...

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  • Deluxe Emergency Honey Bucket Kits (2 Person Kit)

    13036 Deluxe Emergency Honey Bucket Kits All our food and water products are approved by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the United States Coast Guard. They are non-thirst provoking, they withstand temperatures of 22° F to 149° F (-...

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  • Emergency Instruction Device (EID)

    AVU5001 Emergency Instruction Device (EID) Preparedness begins with training and extends beyond the classroom with this rugged, comprehensive, and interactive first aid & CPR cognitive feedback tool. Just four minutes in a medical emergency can mean...

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  • Folding Portable Toilet

    PP11 Folding Portable Toilet The folding portable toilet has heavy-duty tubular steel legs that support up to 200 lbs. Folds completely. Includes toilet seat and 6 plastic liners. Quantity Sold Individually WARNING This product contains a chemical...

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  • Germicidal Tablets

    WA33-RT Germicidal Tablets Proven effective against bacteria, Giardia, Lamblia, Cryptosporidium, and viruses. No aftertaste. Improves the taste and odor of water. Treats 25 Quarts of Water. Quantity Sold Individually WARNING This product contains a...

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  • Ped-Pal Portable Pop-Up Shelters

    PEDPAL- Ped-Pal Portable Pop-Up Shelters The Ped-Pal is designed to provide simple, low-cost weather protection. It's ideal for pedestal work and similar bad weather tasks. The Ped-Pal sets up easier than an umbrella and is about half the cost of a...

    $316.03 - $398.92
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  • Quakehold Big Screen/Appliance Strap

    4508 Quakehold Big Screen/Appliance Strap This strap is a must to protect expensive Big Screen TVs and other heavy appliances. Easy to install. Peel and press one end to the appliance, screw the other end into the wall stud. The extra wide and long...

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