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Matting / Non-Slip

  • Airug 2'x'2 8-Pack

    Airug 2'x'2 8-Pack

    410 Airug 2'x2' 8-Pack Airug® is a low cost solution for workstations where workers are standing for long periods of time and basic anti-fatigue is needed. The PVC closed cell foam relieves leg and back discomfort while providing a barrier to cold...

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  • Arrow Trax Floor Mat

    118/ Arrow Trax Floor Mat Arrowtrax mats provide exceptional performance in highly visible areas that require an attractive yet functional matting product. The durable herringbone pattern offers non-directional scraping action and moisture retention in...

  • Comfort-Eze Floor Mat

    447/ Comfort-Eze Floor Mat Comfort-Eze is constructed of a unique solid rubber design, which stimulates worker comfort and promotes product longevity. The bubble top and offset bubble bottom allow for air circulation enhancing its ergonomic effects...

  • Cushion Stat Floor Mat

    825/ Cushion Stat Floor Mat Conductive anti-static matting is formulated to absorb static electricity. The vinyl sponge construction provides fatigue relief and the pebbled top surface design adds traction and is easy to sweep clean. Custom lengths...

  • Cushion Trax Floor Mat

    Cushion Trax Floor Mat

    479 Cushion Trax The Cushion Trax® anti-fatigue floor mat is engineered to meet the toughest requirements of today’s industrial applications and is particularly suited for multi-shift operations in dry work areas. The durable vinyl...

    $66.48 - $3,288.00
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  • Cushion Tred Floor Mat

    543 Cushion Tred Floor Mat Features tough Nitrile rubber compound to resist animal fats. Nitrile rubber compound relieves leg and back discomfort; resists animal fats and grease. Alternating large and small drainage holes enhances worker comfort and...

    $97.40 - $226.30
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  • Diamond Sof-Tred Floor Mat

    Diamond Sof-Tred Floor Mat

    419 Diamond Sof-Tred w/ Dyna-Shield Diamond Sof-Tred™ is a durable anti-fatigue mat with a non-directional diamond deck plate top surface that allows for sure footing. The NoTrax® exclusive Dyna-Shield® sponge is manufactured with a tough...

    $45.48 - $1,752.00
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  • Diamond Stat Floor Mat

    826/ Diamond Stat Floor Mat Dissipative anti-static matting is formulated to absorb static electricity. Simple worker tasks: working, walking or even sitting on certain types of stools can create static electricity. If left unchecked, static will pass...

  • Ergo Floor Mat

    474/ Ergo Floor Mat With its corrugated top surface, Ergo Mat has become a favorite of management and workers alike. The Ergo Mats rubber top surface bonded to a dense sponge base provides excellent fatigue relief. The corrugated top surface design...