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Cooling Vests

  • Economy/Poncho Cooling Vest

    8402 Economy Poncho Cooling Vest Soak in cold water 10-15 minutes. Inexpensive and easy to put on, our Economy Poncho Cooling vest will keep you cool all day. Vest is reversible so you can easily refresh cooling process by turning the vest inside out...

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  • Light-Weight Cooling Vest

    8401- Light-Weight Cooling Vest Our Standard Cooling Vest is lightweight and when soaked in water for 5 to 9 minutes, provides all day cooling comfort. Snap closures allow for quick access. The royal blue vest is available in three sizes – standard...

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  • Poncho

    902- Poncho The Miracool Pullover Cooling Vest (902) is a super-absorbent, poncho style workplace safety gear and personal safety gear addition. Features 100% Cotton with super-absorbent cooling crystals Pull over poncho style Expandable sides with...

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