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Ear Muffs

  • C1 Clarity Earmuff

    C1 Clarity Earmuff

    1011142 C1 Clarity Earmuff SOUND MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY Enhances on-the-job communication through uniform attenuation. Clarity blocks noise while voice, signal, alarm and other high frequencies can be heard more naturally, with less distortion, combating...

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  • Dielectric Valuemuff

    Dielectric Valuemuff

    HB-25 Dielectric Valuemuff The ValueMuff™ is our lightweight ear muff with an unbreakable multi-position headband and 28 NRR. It delivers the proper hearing protection and consistent attenuation across all frequencies. Features Smart Fold-Out...

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  • Earmuff Headband Headset

    H7A-PTL Earmuff Headband Headset The PTL HT listen-only headband headset offers attenuation with the push of a button. This comfortable and durable communications headset allows for long-term use under exacting conditions. The practice of "lifting off"...

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  • Earmuff Hygiene Kit

    HY53PTL Earmuff Hygiene Kit Hygiene kit for PTL type hearing protector. Features Includes 1 pair cushions and 1 pair dampers For use with PTL-type hearing protector Applications Assembly Cleaning Demolition Facility Maintenance Grinding Machine...

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  • Electronic AM/FM Radio & Hearing Protection

    Electronic AM/FM Radio & Hearing Protection

    AMFM- Electronic AM/FM Radio & Hearing Protection Radians Sound FX™ Electronic AM/FM Radio and Hearing Protection offers crisp sound while providing a Noise Reduction Rating of 22 dB. The auxiliary jack provides the option to plug in your MP3...

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  • Impact Earmuff

    1010376 Impact Earmuff ELECTRONIC SOUND AMPLIFICATION Impact's patented sound amplification enhances the wearer's awareness of their environment by amplifying ambient sounds, allowing them to hear important communication [co-workers, alarms/warning...

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  • Leightning Series Earmuff

    1010924 Leightning Series Earmuff AIR FLOW CONTROL TECHNOLOGY Bilsom’s patented Air Flow Control™ technology delivers optimal attenuation across all frequencies, without increasing earcup size or weight. A patented baseplate chamber and...

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  • Light-Weight Earmuff

    331-4000 Light-Weight Earmuff Light-weight earmuff offers outstanding comfort and protection at a budget-conscious price. Features Vertical adjustment system for quick and easy fitting Large ear cup openings to fit most ear sizes Soft, wide cushions for...

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  • M1 Premium Earmuff

    M1 Premium Earmuff

    6100 Premium Earmuff The M1 Premium Earmuff features a black-chrome, spring-steel headband that resists fatigue and is more durable. It maintains stability and doesn’t twist out of shape like other wire-band earmuffs. Six different adjustment...

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